When applying to grad school, you will certainly look for some ways to make it faster and easier to save your precious time resources and nerves.


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When prepping the documents for the grad school application, hopefuls may face the following issue of being confused by the requirement to understand the difference between personal statement vs. grad essay. Application to graduate schools always requires a big concentration on the process. Students have to prepare their documents in the appropriate way to increase their chances of being enrolled. Extra attention should be paid to the admissions package of documents. As a rule, there should be included grad school personal statement, or, also, it can be called grad essay or simply personal statement. In this article, we want to prevent you from misunderstandings and explain the difference between personal statement vs. grad essay. Also, we decided that it would be useful to mention the general requirements for writing such essays to keep all crucial information in one place.

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What is the difference between these essays?

So, you are here to find out the thing that may bother you, namely, the difference between personal statement vs. grad essay. And we are here to help you. So, to talk clearly, there is no cardinal difference between these essays. To be honest, the same essay can be called either a personal statement or a grad essay. The thing is that the title of the essay depends on the circumstances in which you have to submit the paper. As a rule, when you are supposed to submit more than one essay, admissions committees differentiate the types of essays by calling them, for example, a personal statement and a statement of purpose. However, when the applicant is supposed to submit only one essay, it is called a grad essay. Simply saying, it is all the difference between personal statement vs. grad essay. Additionally, one more point that helps to distinguish the difference between these two essays is that, as a rule, there may be provided a specific topic for the grad essay. For instance, you may be asked to tell the admissions committee about a particular situation in your life or a decision that forced you to do some actions. However, suppose you need to know what is a personal statement for grad. In that case, it is usually an essay that provides general information about your personal experience and background, and the topic for this essay usually isn't obliged. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what information you want to include in the essay. However, we recommend that you look through the requirements provided by the grad school attentively to know all the details about the preparation process. It will also provide you with additional grad personal statement clues about the difference between personal statement vs. grad essay.

General requirements for the grad essays writing process

Even if to oppose personal statement vs. grad essay, no matter how the required essay is called, it should fit the requirements of a great essay. The thing is that every essay has to stick to the requirements of essay writing. Here is the list of grad personal statement tips that will help you create an astonishing paper.

  • Start the process of writing in advance. Our graduate essay editing highly recommends starting the process in advance, preferably as soon as you have determined the schools for the application. This action will help you rationalize your time management, so you won't have to distract yourself from the application process just before the deadline. Also, during this time, you can find out the details provided by the educational institutions you want to apply to regarding personal statement vs. grad essay.
  • Get acquired with the requirements. The fact that you know the requirements can literally save your time and energy for the further writing process. You can find out the most useful information and understand the expectations of the admissions office from your essay. Therefore, you won't have to spend time on the additional research during the writing process or even remaking your essay after getting the information you didn't know before taking up writing.
  • Submit a well-checked essay. So, for instance, oppose personal statement vs. grad essay, both of them will have the one and the main feature. They should be well-checked before the submission. We recommend referring to the highly proficient essay editor, who can ace the quality of your paper quickly and qualitatively.
  • Refer to samples Samples can give you a general idea of the essay you have to submit. Moreover, you can find some tips and inspiration for the further writing process.

Personal statement

The difference between personal statement vs. grad essay isn't noticeable. However, the mutual feature is that huge attention should be paid to the visual impression of your essay. You should get aware of the conditions regarding the format provided by the grad school you plan to enter. Otherwise, if the requirements are not provided, you should stick to the general requirements of essay formatting. Therefore, your paper should stick to the following requirements.

  • Plain and light background Admissions officers read a great deal of essays every day. Therefore, a vivid and colorful background may only distract the readers' attention from the text, and also can complicate the reading process. As you don't want to spoil the impression, you have to use a background that won't strike the eye. Preferably, to use a standard white background.
  • Readable font Awkward and complicated letters also can distract the attention from the main idea of the text. To avoid unpleasant feels, we recommend using fonts that are easy to read.
  • Space the essay And again, it is about the easiness of reading. A spaced essay doesn't tire the eyes and helps the reader to percept the information in a clear and simple way. Therefore, pay attention to the requirements, as it can be either 1,5 or 2-inch spacing.

To know more about the differences between personal statement vs. grad essay, we recommend referring to our blog.

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